Picture of Onsite Microfactories by Circular Factory

Onsite Microfactories by Circular Factory

Circular Factory pioneers on-site digital fabrication innovations for sustainable building solutions.

Circular Factory (CF) is an agile micro-factory specialized in computational technologies and advanced manufacturing to offer on-site and near-site digital fabrication capabilities for the construction industry. CF enables the circularity of local skills, intelligence, sustainable resources, and economy.

CF brings cutting edge digital fabrication technologies to old school SME industry players to augment and allow them to be active players in ever more digitized construction industry.

Picture of onsite machines in operation on Onsite Microfactories page
Picture of workers working with onsite machines on Onsite Microfactories page

The Circular Factory in Roatan

Revolutionizing Construction: Circular Factory's Digital Timber Factory on Remote Island, Roatan, Honduras.

As initial prototype circular Factory (CF) is taking the challenge to create a digital timber factory on the remote island of Roatan, Honduras, to produce in situ a housing complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The project has the particularity to offer future clients the possibility to modify and customize the design using a digital app, requiring CF Digital Factory to handle and produce mass-customized, geometry complex parts in a flexible yet controlled process.

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