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Future-Proofing the Construction Trades

Efficient, Sustainable & Distributed Digital Construction.

Enabling SMEs in the construction industry
to use digital fabrication technology.

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— Integration —

Single Multi-Use Machines

From picking up and scanning to 3D printing (concrete and plastics), three-axis milling, cutting, drilling, bandsawing, hot wire cutting (foam), and more—all performed by the same machine.

These machines are specifically designed with several degrees of freedom allowing customised and free-form geometry.

— Versatility —

Flexibility, Adaptability, Digitally & Physically Accessible

Transporting the machines to the site is simple. The design of the box is customised to different uses by adding end effectors to the robot. Allowing increased innovation through testing new product ideas on a small scale.

Software and workflow solutions allow Increased productivity, quality and digital capabilities allowing SMEs participation in the digital economy.

Customized mass-production making it suitable for retrofitting or repurposing tasks which don't have a rigid blueprints.

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— Community-centric —

Serving Local Communities

The Factory-In-A-Box sources materials and skills from the local area to develop custom-made, site specific digital construction solutions whilst upskilling the trades.

This cuts the middleman between the raw material provider – fabricator – contractor. The contractor can fabricate the pieces to a high degree of precision and reliability without relying on a third party.

Higher sales margin from the price-premium of locally made products.

Elevate your construction endeavors with MIToolbox

Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects.

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Factory-In-A-Box offers robots as a service inside cost efficient, easy-to-deploy micro-scale factories ready to be sent out. Designed for swift deployment.

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Onsite Microfactories

Onsite Microfactories offer on-site and near-site digital fabrication capabilities specialized in computational technologies and advanced manufacturing.

Robotics for empowering the construction trades

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