MI Toolbox

Digitising Onsite Construcion

Parking Lot 6

MIToolbox SeaCan container deployed in Parking lot 6 for two weekends! September and October 2022. A collaboration with the City of Calgary and the Downtown Association.

Customized with two collaborative industrial robotic arms. The robots will be performing drawings and 3D printing for the visitors to the space. The deployment of MI Toolbox offers a unique engagement opportunity in the form of a creative -art dissemination event that allows the public to engage with novel fabrication machines.

MIToolbox develops architectural geometries based on distributed digital production —the maturing technologies of robotic and digital manufacturing with their material conserving, ecologically, and structurally effective credentials are at the core of the design explorations. The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent disruption to the supply chains kindled interest in production and development methods. A challenge of the post-pandemic work is engaging with where things are manufactured and how far they travel to us. The dissemination event aims to engage the public with novel machines and modes of production.


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19.December.2022 Graduation Day for MIToolbox!

It was an honour to be part of the first Research to Social Innovation (R2SI) incubator cohort of Innovate Calgary.

Thanks much to Joanne Nowak and all the Innovate Calgary team for their support and advice during these 6 months! Cannot wait to see the next steps.